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Builder Grade Blues

This beautiful brand new home was suffering from typical builders grade steps and "entrance". It deserved better

Backyard Access Made Beautiful  

These clients hade a walkout basement apartment but had no exterior access.

We created a beautiful staircase and patio that is the ultimate form of style and function

Big things can happen in small spaces!

In this small yard we were able to fit almost 700 sq.ft of interlock, divided into a raised dining space and a lower gathering space featuring a beautiful gas fireplace all accented by a custom cedar pergola. With landscape lighting throughout, this space has now become an extension of their interior, an outdoor room  that can be enjoyed later into the night and longer into the season!

We carried the look all around the house using nothing but the best materials. Complimenting the exterior of the home with the new interlock driveway, steps and landing. The welcome home experience is now complete and the curb appeal has everyone that passes by looking!

Clean And Simple

A place to Gather

Here used to stand an old wooden deck that was broken up into multiple tiers that made the space feel tiny and hard to have a large group sit and visit. We replaced it with this beautiful two level patio, which is actually almost the same square footage but now the whole group of family and friends can be in the same area that can now accommodate larger furniture. Accented with two pillars to define the space and accented with natural stone steps and wall this new patio isn't just more functional than the old deck but the materials will stand the test of time. 

Corner Lot Transformation

Time for a change

This corner lot was ready to be dragged out of the 50's and become a focal point rather than an eyesore.

Make the most of your space. This house has a lot of people coming in and out dropping kids off for daycare so they needed a wider driveway space so people with their children could walk around the parked cars without walking across the lawn. We provided a nice wide walkway that also allows more space for cars to park as well.

As for the backyard, it was a blank slate with nowhere for the family to sit and entertain. We were able to provide them a nice raised patio which will now allow them to have a table and chairs for family and friends to gather and enjoy the outside. Topped off with gardens to add seasonal interest.

Here’s what we’ve been working on

Here's what we've been working on

Size doesn't matter

We are able tackle larger jobs as well,

shown here with this custom homes driveway and walkway!

3000 square feet of beautiful interlock.

Welcome Home?

This beautiful home in an upscale neighbourhood just needed an update out front, The 'rail tie' garden wall was rotten, the pavers dated and broken and the gardens in much need of rejuvenation. Follow the slides to see the change we were able to provide. 

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